Francis Robert Edward Danvers Crossman

(yes that’s my real name)


Francis, the groom

Francis was born in Berkeley Ca. and by the age of 5 was discovered as a child prodigy for playing the spoons.  But his hopes and dreams of becoming a pro spooner came to an abrupt end after a freak accident involving telekinetic robots went horribly wrong in his grandfathers laboratory and erased his memory.  To this day he still eats cereal with a fork, and drinks soup right from the bowl – although he’s not quite sure where he developed the elspoonophobia (fear of spoons). Today he works for the San Francisco Opera in the media department doing video editing.

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  1. avatar Anne Bagwell says:

    I always wondered about the soup thing and why your sibblings would cruelly chase you with spoons, ,now all the pieces fit together. Anne Bagwell

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