1. Hi Jim

    July 9, 2013 by Francis

    Jim Morrison’s grave in the Père Lachaise Cemetery.


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  2. We are officially in Paris

    July 9, 2013 by Francis

    Onika having a smoke after our first cafe lunch outside our apartment.


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  3. On our way to the airport

    July 8, 2013 by Francis

    In the Über cab on the way to the airport!


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  4. Gettin’ ready for Europe on America’s birthday

    July 4, 2013 by Francis

    Takin a break from cleaning and packing on the 4th. Explosions are booming all around while mops and sponges fly around in our apartment. Beer time.


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  5. Adventure #8 – Walking Tour and Bad Movie Night

    April 15, 2012 by Onika

    We started our day off with a morning walking tour in Pacific Heights (Gasp!). There were about 10 of us who met at the Lyon Street stairs to begin the tour, which happens weekly in various neighborhoods. A client of mine told me about this event which is put on by an organization made up of volunteers. They give tours all around the city, mostly talking about the history and the architecture. As much as I normally avoid this neighborhood, it was really breathtakingly beautiful. The houses were unbelievable, and some of the back stories were really interesting- like two mansions next door to each other that were BOTH purchased in the 1920’s by a businessman from the New York who wanted to relocate to San Francisco with his wife. He made a trip out here to look for a house, and ended up purchasing two properties next door to each other because he wasn’t sure which one his wife would prefer. As you do, of course. Then there was a house owned by the Getty family with it’s own private preschool in it for their grandchildren and their friends. They also bought the house next door so they could add on. As you do. And the best story was one in which a billionaire was having an affair with a woman who was so scorned when he called it off that she actually took out billboards showing pictures of them together as well as private letters. Of course, this ended his marriage and he later sold his house. Scandalous! We then visited the Swedenborgian church- a 100 year old church that arose from the appreciation of the beauty of nature. Wood is integrated throughout the entire chapel and it has a very simple, earthy feel. A lot of famous figures- including Helen Keller- were followers of Borgianism. After our tour, we rested at home before the second portion of our day…

    Bad Movie Night at Dalva

    Every Sunday night, club Dalva in the mission does a bad movie night. They usually pick some sort of theme for the month. This month: Kung fu. Most of the movies were Bruce Lee films (of course). The one we went to however, was a little known gem called Black Belt Jones. A blaxploitation movie made in 1974 about a bad-ass kung fu fighting machine that almost single-handedly keeps the mafia from taking over his old friends karate school. As you do. This movie was #38 on the documentary “The 50 Worst Films Ever Made”. You get the idea: movies SO bad, they’re kinda good. Or at the very least entertaining. We laughed so hard our bellies hurt. They also really encourage audience participation. They even have two people with microphones giving witty commentary throughout. We kinda got the feeling it was basically a group of nerds who all knew each other and did this as an excuse to hang out. But we didn’t mind, it was hilarious. Francis thought it was like a live version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Oh… they even have a theme song they all sing before they start the movie. That’s dedication! Next stop, Star Trek convention.


  6. Adventure #7 – Creators Project + Off The Grid – Francis

    March 19, 2012 by Francis

    This wonderful Sunday we let our inner (or actually quite outer) nerd fly free and ventured all the way to Fort Mason for the Creators Project installation. This is a cool collection of technological art by artists from around the world. It’s a joint venture between two companies, Intel Computers and Vice Magazine.

    “The Creators Project was born from a partnership between Intel and Vice. Together the two companies met over a shared passion for art and creativity, and a common belief that there was a better way of elevating artists and supporting new work with them. For both Intel and Vice, status quo is simply not good enough.”


    The art all centers around technology and the vast majority of it was interactive in some way. I could probably talk quite extensively about all the different cool pieces of art that were present, but I’ll just focus on the two most impressive ones.

    The Treachery of Sanctuary
    by Chris Milk

    This was certainly the largest and most impressive piece. It’s a triptych (three screens). Each screen is probably 20 feet high with a high contrast black and white projection on it of bird imagery. There are kinect sensors that sense a subjects movement which influences the images on the screen.

    Life on Mars RevisitedBowie
    by Mick Rock and Barney Clay

    We had to wait for quite some time in a line outside in the freezing cold winds of the Bay to be able to see this short film: a collection of outtakes and never before seen clips from the filming of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” music video from 1973. The footage was affected and tweaked heavily, but the original vibrance of Bowie’s unique alien persona still shines through in a nostalgic and striking way. The whole video was only a few minutes, but quite powerful.

    “A prolific photographer during rock and roll’s early days, Mick Rock captured musicians like Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and Queen during their wonder years, encapsulating almost an entire era in music. After gaining David Bowie’s trust, and that of the artistic community, Rock went on to become one of the most iconic rock photographers of our time.”

    “Clay, a long-time fan of Rock’s work, set out to make a documentary about Rock, and in the process uncovered a veritable treasure trove of never-before-seen and long forgotten footage of some of rock’s greats. We approached the duo about turning some of the material into an installation, and they happily agreed, anxious to give the work new life. They chose to use footage of Bowie because, as Clay says, “ultimately, he’s the centerpiece of all of Mick’s work—through Bowie, Mick became who he was.”



    Off the Grid food trucks – http://offthegridsf.com/

    Off the Grid is a collection of food trucks ranging in cuisine from standard hotdogs and fries to Vietnamese sandwiches, curry, pork buns, and everything in between. The trucks were parked in the parking lot of Fort Mason, so it was perfect.

    This is what we got!

    The Chairman


    - Tender Pork Belly with Turmeric Pickled Daikon & Green Shiso – steamed bun $3.75

    – Coca-Cola Braised Pork Butt with Savoy Cabbage & Preserved Yellow Mustard Seeds – steamed bun – $3.50

    Brass Knuckle


    - Fryin’ Maiden – buttermilk fried chicken sandwich – $9

    Total money spent today: $20.25

    (okay, okay, so we went over budget by a quarter.)







  7. Adventure #6 – Sunday Streets and Twang – Onika

    March 12, 2012 by Onika

    Sunday Streets

    Beginning in spring, SF does a thing called “Sunday Streets”. This takes place the first Sunday of every month in a different neighborhood each time. They block the street off so people can roam freely, and bikes are encouraged. This one was the annual kick off and took place in the Embarcadero. There were tons of street performers, artists, food, a roller blade rink, and even a circus act. We took the babies- er- dogs, and they were happy as clams. Afterward, we went home to drop off the doggies before the second half of the day.

    Money spent so far: $2 each for the train

    Twang Sunday @ Thee Parkside

    If you haven’t checked out a Twang Sunday at Thee Parkside, you’re missing out. No cover at the door + good music + $5 pulled pork sandwiches with tater tots = a CHEAP and FUN time! The bands are usually of the country variety, but they have anything from blue grass to punk. My client John was playing guitar in his band called The Porkchop Express- good ol’ twang with slide guitar, ukulele, and fiddle. Good times, indeed. And the food? Awesome!

    Money spent today: $9 each

    What are $10 Sundays all about? Read our very first post to learn all about it. $10 Sundays



  8. Adventure #5 – TCHO Chocolate and Miscalaneous Adventures – Onika

    March 6, 2012 by Onika

    After Francis’ epic Murals and Mixed Tapes last Sunday, I felt like I needed to step it up a little. We had limited time today because we both had separate parties we were attending in the evening, so we did a lot of things that were close together. I rarely venture out past the Embarcadero, but it turns out there is a lot to do and it’s  gorgeous out there. First off, we did a FREE tour of the TCHO chocolate factory at Pier 17. We took the F line out there, which made us feel all touristy and nostalgic. They do tours on the weekends twice a day, and it’s wise to call ahead to make an appointment.  Let me just say that I was blown away by this tour! It takes an hour, and I had no idea how little I know about chocolate (other than the fact that I like eating it)! (more…)

  9. Adventure #4 – Murals and Mixedtapes – Francis

    February 15, 2012 by Francis

    The Mission district is home so some amazing and beautiful murals that can be enjoyed totally for free.  But if you want to take it to the next level, a little research is in order and most definitely a visit to Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors Center (2981 24th street at Harrison).  Get yourself a Mission Mural map from them for $5 and go take a stroll.  There are 92 murals on the map all in the mission district and within walking distance if you’re feeling like a hefty hike.  Truth be told we probably could have just done a bit of google searching or a fair bit of wandering and saved our selves the $5, but this map has locations, titles, and occasionally a brief blurb on the art which is often fascinating.  Also, Precita Eyes is partly responsible for producing, maintaining and documenting these murals, so $5 towards keeping their doors open is well worth it.  You could also organize a guided tour through them, which sounds pretty cool.  But that’s $15 each and out of our budget for $10 Sundays.  (more…)

  10. Adventure #3 – Academy of Sciences – Onika

    February 9, 2012 by Onika

    Fountain Pen Coral

    Ok, so I know it’s gonna seem like I’m lacking in creative ideas here, but for my second Sunday adventure, I picked yet another museum day. It was just too hard to pass up! I found out the Academy of Sciences now has a free Sunday every three months. Free days used to be on a weekday, and it was impossible to go together with our schedules. Due to budget cuts, it’s now the first Sunday of the month, 4 times a year. Lucky for us we’re not into the whole Super Bowl Sunday thing and it was a nice excuse to get away from all the alcohol fueled testosterone in our neighborhood. (more…)