Party boat to Barcelona

July 21, 2013 by Francis

We arrived by train in Civitaveccia Italy, on the coast, just before sunset and just in time to order two of the most ridiculous mojito drinks I have ever seen from the bar on the beach and have a quick dip in the Mediterranean.  The water has a very high salt content which means you float quit easily in it. It felt tremendously amazing to dunk my whole body in the water after walking around in the hot sun.I love love love the Mediterranean ocean!20130722-182829.jpg20130722-182852.jpg

So it turns out that the people on our boat are wild for synchronized aerobics in the baking heat by the pool! Us whiteys stayed in the nice shade by the bar.

And then there were these guys! They were sharing this ridiculously large sangria drink and connected many straws together to create a huge straw. They tried many different ideas for creative ways to drink the drink from great distances, before they settled on the holy grail: the fit guy stands on the chubby guys shoulders while the forgettable guy holds the drink. All was going well until a suave looking crew member came over “hey guys this looks fun and all, and I’d be right there in it with you if I were off the clock, but – look – I can’t have anybody falling on their heads on my watch so . . . ”

Posted from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

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